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Branding is a technique used in marketing to promote a product or service.  Marketers have “formally” defined, a brand: as “a name, term, symbol or special design, intended to identify a product or service.”  This definition was adequate for a time, long, long ago.  Some believe like John Tantillo that the definition of branding should be expanded.  For Tantillo, a brand definition should include three components,   Noun, Adjective Verb which what he refers to as his NAV model.

Tantillo’s NAV’ model starts with the

Noun which refers to the Name of the given brand, the;

Adjective for Tantillo describes how the brand name is processed in the customer’s mind—

Referred to in marketing as  POSITION, and lastly,

Verb, how best to promote the product to a given Target Market.

Utilizing Dr. Tantillo’s NAV Model of Branding—Noun Adjective and Verb, John Tantillo includes this effective approach to help you in generating attention for your brand.  This means that you will be implementing state of the art strategies when you start your promotional campaign. And it’s why it is always easier when you have Branding in mind.